Can it be said that we are close to attaining this?Yes, the international bill of human rights is in existence somewhere but does really apply in our day to day lives?How much are we putting into caring; regarding and respecting the masses of unprivileged people in the world?How about our brothers next to us; the mere fact that we were created humans, bonds us into brotherhood and makes us responsible for being our brother’s keeper.Yes, how much love do we show are brothers next to us and do we really mean it?People are doing sleepless nights in a bit to find cure for cancer. If each person feels his only responsibility is to his immediate family, then what is the world made up of?I tell you, Jehovah can tell the stones to worship him, yet out of extreme love HE created us in His image!Equality! Many have to force themselves to believe this really exists. Oh, I have equal rights with each other soul to; when that isn’t yet the true case.How about checking ourselves beyond celebrating the day to truly reaffirm our commitment to equality, fairness and justice by truly being fond of and respecting the brother next to us; actively loving the oppressed and reminding others to do the same.What is 1948? Some of us, weren’t even born! Today; counts better.I mean people have died actively pursuing true human rights!People should die no more; let’s resort to true love and humans rights will no longer be something to celebrate. It will have existed!I mean, we love dem Chihuahuas; who is a humans not to love? December 10 is nothing! 1948 is nothing. What happened to Dec 9. Let’s love one another!posted by me

Source: Forget Human Rights Day! December 10 Is Nothing! What Happened To December 9!!!