Since i became aware of blockchain, i have seen ‘many’, declaring their desire to fix certain flaws that they have spotted in blockchain. Many hardfork(s) happen to this effect as people seek the perfect or flawless blockchain.

This is popular even here on steem, where people see ‘flaws’ with steem and want to proffer solutions etc

As seen in the image above, TRON CEO appears to have found some solutions, for ETH and EOS, perhaps, on the assumption that these blockchain(s) have flaws. (I didn’t read much from the article).

Perhaps, the more powerful question is, “was there a flaw all along” and if there was, have you really spotted the very exact flaws. Don’t forget that as powerful as ‘blockchain tech’ maybe, it will host humans. Perhaps, the more powerful question (when it comes to developing solutions) is, “have you come to really know humans?”.

I tell you, many times, the problem wasn’t the tech…. an yes, many times, the solution isn’t the tech-guru.

Earlier in the day, i saw two people react to the post above and i shared my quick impromptu sentiments with them.

A powerful young man in the person of @tojukaka (located in Nigeria) asked a powerful young woman in the person of @ankarlie (located in the Philippines), if she really believes that TRON CEO has the capacity of doing as he says…

Below was my own quick thoughts, the thoughts of a ‘Legit Illiterate’:

I was responding to @tojukaka

If you (@tojukaka) say you will rescue it, i will believe you better. There hasn’t really been anything wrong with these tech(s). It has been humans all along. The world of tech is reaching its ‘CAP’ in evolution, till  humans begin to evolve. If you created a blockchain (referring to @tojukaka), you will see me there! An agbero creates a blockchain, you will see me there.

Till date, the world as a whole, don’t know of the difference between ‘a motor’ and ‘an automobile’. They don’t know of a ‘ceiling fan’ that calls your name, “Uwen,  Uwem, Uwem”. They don’t know of a car that laughs at its owner.

The world is still very novice in deep truth and curriculum(s) have kept it in that same cycle. Schools teach ‘the same’, recycles ‘the same’, the internet does ‘the same’.

Next time i want to quote someone, i want and prefer to quote a @tojukaka that sent steem to my wallet without my asking, a tojukaka that cares, that i know, not a Steve Jobs that the internet tells me of. It is that simple.

With  i am simply shifting from ‘proof of brain’ to ‘proof of human’. Brain, talent etc is generic, ‘human’ isn’t. Else, the world would have touched on simple concepts like #untalented, #ulog, #teardrops that rewards ‘proof of tears’ but again there are tons of routes that the world in its wells of literacy, don’t know of.

At this point, the world needs balance, ‘legit illiterates’ must begin to emanate or humans must “mine the human” and begin to evolve into their “awesomest version”. Even so-called tech waits on us to do just this. We turn to tech to fix us, ‘we’ who created tech.

I tell you even blockchain will never attain its true beauty, if we don’t evolve to where ‘humanity is the brother next to you’ and yes it can fade and ever stay ordinary. We can turn it into a ‘reward distributor’ and if that is its use-case, it will stay ordinary. It is even more powerful a tool as a ‘mentality adjuster’. So, we can decide to recycle all existing tech(s) on blockchain again and the blockchain stays ordinary, with ofcourse an extra use-case in ‘distributing rewards’ or we can tap into unknown simple down-to-earth, un-heard-of ventures and reveal these things to the world by virtue of the transparency blockchain offers.

While the world in general thinks the issue is ‘money’, i tell you “money is the smaller things”. Not a soul made in Jehovah’s image is truly even capable of being poor. I can speak on this forever, but just as simply as ‘take ownership of your cookies’ and money itself will seek you out. I am dead broke now, about to crash and without a dime but i tell you, i am not poor and lorry-loads of money won’t change or move this terry.

When you say you are not financially rich, google, facebook etc simply takes tiny elements of you, “your cookies”, love it for you, process it and make billions from it and rule the internet and shake you, make you you and that is just one evidence that we can’t be poor.

Ulogging is simply the art to reveal this!

At least a day, “mine the human” some more, with the sole aim of not resourcing from the internet but gifting to it instead, to reshape it (by ulogging). Then, use ‘ulog-subtags’ to remove ‘hashtags’ from the ranks of ordinary, by using the ‘ulog-subtags’ to encode  your ulogacies into existing hashtags as you ulog (per day) and real world adjustment begins to ensue

e.g ulog-quotes: freshly create these ulog-quotes per day, then serve the search engines with it and soon i will be quoting you, a “true  celebrity” and this is surpassing google, through google itself; “testimonial”.

but the plot has to be an underlying one! Simply take fun and give it more testimonial essence by infusing ulogacies into it and that is simply what ulogging is.

I am too weak now and Jehovah help me to keep on living to see these things come to life but at the very least now, while i am weak and i want the model to be out there, “my ulogacy”, so it can be seen and someone out there can push it forward.

Jehovah help me though to live and us all and see the beauty of this simple down-to-earth thing. The answers  to world adjustment can’t be in outer-space. These are the words of a ‘legit illiterate, the un(dis)talented and most importantly, your boy terry, ‘unshaken bulls or bears’.

Your Boy Terry


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Many times, solutions may lie in understand how the real world really works. And yes, there are cycles and yes, blockchain can do wonders in breaking this cycles or it can fade because we simply replayed those cycles all over again on blockchain.

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